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Dr. Pamela Freeman (2003), said that "curriculum is where the child is."

Dr. Freeman (2003), also stated that "in order to educate the mind of a child today, we must first capture his or her heart."

Is your school's curriculum flexible enough to meet the child where she or he is?

Is it possible that we have been so busy with the X's and O's that we failed to connect with our students?

Dr. Clement Glenn (2006), stated that "the goal is to remove stress; stress from fear, frustration and anxiety, to foster maturity (i.e. wisdom). The Pathway to Wisdom is understanding. And, The Pathway to Understanding is Knowledge and Love (positive feedback)." 


Our children need positive feedback; even when it may not be warranted. They are human. They react (quickly, immediately, immaturely, and often without a complete thought process), sometimes they respond (most often, an ample amount of thought has occurred), and unfortunately they act-out (verbal and physical actions, aggressive posturing, sometimes pre-meditated) in responses to [X]. 

In the K-12 school setting, [X] can be many "things," "events (sometimes compounded)," "processes," and "human resources." 

How are teachers and administrators to know which things, events, processes or human resources may be increasing the likelihood of a negative reaction or acting-out episode? What is the difference in the approach utilized by counselors and school psychologist? How are teachers and administrators to know when a student would greatly benefit by having a Professional Life Coach vs. a counselor? 

As a Professional Life Coach, who knows Crisis Prevention Intervention, is a Human Growth and Development, and Behavioral Specialist, and is certified in Special Education; plus, has successfully worked with, and maintained a good rapport with challenging students who have been diagnosed and not, and is well versed in the functioning of The Philosophical Aspects of Cultural Differences, I know that I can help. 


  1. A district or charter school must entertain the possibility that an outside professional would provide them a different, and possibly unique perspective.
  2. The district or charter school must click here to schedule their initial 80-120 hour comprehensive assessment.

This is a system-wide behavioral assessment, as it relates to the district's processes, cultural awareness, events and human resources.


  • $740 per hour needed (minimum of 80 hours)
  • Plus - Travel Expenses

Individual Student Assessment

With all that is going on in lives of young people today, educators can benefit from accessing the expertise of professionals in the "village." The village needed to raise/educate/develop a child today is greater than it has ever been before. Bringing a professional educator in, with a special education, behavioral specialist, parenting, and a successful track record of connecting-to-reach learners, could be all that is needed to avert a suicide or disaster and improve the life of a precious soul. 

In-Person Assessment Costs:

  • Initial Assessment Session Rate is $3,800, which includes all necessary testing. 
  • Plus - Travel Expenses

Click here to schedule your initial HIPAA Compliant Comprehensive Assessment Session. 

I have had sessions with John off-and-on for the past seven years. Each time I am rejuvenated, I go further, and I am so glad that I found him! Jennette A. of Houston, TX
We almost gave up on love after 15 years of marriage, then we decided to give John a try. He helped us understand ourselves and one another better, gave us some ideas, and now I am proud to say that we have a solid, active love-affair again. Tammy and Bill S. of Nashville, TN
My children and I eat to live now. I had tried so many diets, and all of them claimed to have the answer but what I learned from Mr. Pham changed our lives. No more vegetable oils, floured breads, and cat fish. So glad that I found him. - Lauryn P., in Webster, TX
I feel so much better. I had a bleeding ulcer. After a long conversation with John, I had a better way to address it naturally and now I don't feel that pain in my gut. I can eat again. - J. Gonzales, Houston, TX
Learning to love myself was a journey, to say the least. I knew that I could be a challenge to deal with sometimes, but John didn’t make me feel that way. He was patient, respectful of where I was and his sharing of his past lessons put me at ease. He continues to be a great coach for me. Greg P. of Phoenix, AZ
John is a must for anyone who is dealing with a challenging child! He helped me understand my own child better. John’s interventions helped me and my teenage son work out a compromise that we both can live with and now things are so much better. Richard B. of Waco, TX