Love Coach

So, you are ready for Love, huh? I believe you are, or will be, because you came from Love - more on that later.

Divorce Does Not Have To Be!

In our sessions, we will explore your nature and nurture templates and how they affect your love equation. It is a fascinating "thing."

Let's talk about this thing, event, emotion, journey, or action called LOVE.

Love should be the state that we all strive to get to. Too often because of our past hurts, the way we were nurtured, and/or our fears, we fail to secure and maintain Love. Then you connect with someone like me; a Human Growth and Development Coach who has had his heart broken numerous times, healed, learned from it, and continued moving forward - still believing in Love. 

First, it is my passion and desire to get you to fall-in-love with YOU. You are gifted, talented, wonderfully made, and in some circles of philosophy Perfect.

Next, through honest, in-depth conversation, I will assist you in knowing and accepting what you are not; and feel/be good with it. Prime example:  When I was in my 20's, I had five children, a lot of pressure, and I knew that I was being the best father that I could be; yet I questioned myself when I saw my younger brother constantly on the floor playing with his son. I came to realize and accept that the playful, silly dad, I may never be. Interestingly enough, at age 50, with a four year old, I can be silly, play make believe, give him "nooggies" and enjoy it. We grow, and we may change, and it is OK.

With that said, it is important, for the strength, longevity, and happiness of the relationship for both individuals to know who is coming into the relationship. Both people should have some sense of the potential changes that each of you will go through. Then, have some interventions on-hand, when those changes arrive. Thus, you all will be able to move forward knowledgeably.

After that, true Love is about being Honest (with yourself and others), Cognizant and Present.

I look forward to being a part of your journey in Love.

Service Areas of Expertise

  • Self-Love (Who am I - Nature & Nurture)
  • Who is she/he?
  • Compatibility & Pre-Marriage
  • What changes might I or they go through?
  • Love Maintenance & Pre-Divorce
  • Forward Motion after a Loss

I offer HIPAA compliant online video coaching! 


Comprehensive Assessment 2-3 hours

  • Discussion of each person's Nature Templates (from birth, forward)
  • An analysis of your Nurture Templates (information provided by you)
  • An examination of your Health and Lifestyle Components
  • Outcome from Surveys Discussed
  • Passion(s) (development or understanding) designated
  • Goals Outlined
  • Road Mapping for Goal Attainment
  • Interventions Offered

Hour-by-Hour Sessions

  • Assessment of Where You are, and Which Stage above should be the starting point

Click here to schedule a HIPAA Compliant Session. 

  • Initial Assessment Session Rate for an Individual is $3,800, which includes all necessary testing.  
  • Initial Assessment Session Rate for a Couple is $4,700, which includes all necessary testing. 
  • Initial Assessment Session Rate in One-Hour Sessions is $740 per hour, for Individual or Couple. Testing not included.
  • Hour-by-Hour and Follow Up Session Rates are 1/2 hour $380, and 1 hour $740.
I have had sessions with John off-and-on for the past seven years. Each time I am rejuvenated, I go further, and I am so glad that I found him! Jennette A. of Houston, TX
We almost gave up on love after 15 years of marriage, then we decided to give John a try. He helped us understand ourselves and one another better, gave us some ideas, and now I am proud to say that we have a solid, active love-affair again. Tammy and Bill S. of Nashville, TN
My children and I eat to live now. I had tried so many diets, and all of them claimed to have the answer but what I learned from Mr. Pham changed our lives. No more vegetable oils, floured breads, and cat fish. So glad that I found him. - Lauryn P., in Webster, TX
I feel so much better. I had a bleeding ulcer. After a long conversation with John, I had a better way to address it naturally and now I don't feel that pain in my gut. I can eat again. - J. Gonzales, Houston, TX
Learning to love myself was a journey, to say the least. I knew that I could be a challenge to deal with sometimes, but John didn’t make me feel that way. He was patient, respectful of where I was and his sharing of his past lessons put me at ease. He continues to be a great coach for me. Greg P. of Phoenix, AZ
John is a must for anyone who is dealing with a challenging child! He helped me understand my own child better. John’s interventions helped me and my teenage son work out a compromise that we both can live with and now things are so much better. Richard B. of Waco, TX