Business Coach

Successful Business Owner - YES you can be. What is key though, is that you have an honest assessment of your strengths, and a plan of how to best support your less strong areas. Everyone is not designed to be the traditional create, develop, run day-to-day operations entrepreneur. Just like every quarterback does not possess equal running and throwing abilities. The total game plan is what will make you one of the greatest.

As a Business Coach, I begin with your current status (i.e. emotionally, self-love, passion, physical, etc.). With this understanding, you will be better able to take advantage of our sessions. Example:  If during the 2-3 hour Initial Comprehensive Assessment we recognize that you have a focus on your health, you know your passion(s), and you are in a good emotional state, then we may say NEXT. In the remaining 1 1/2, you may say let's spend 45 minutes of it outlining paths forward. With the other 45 minutes, you may want me to provide you some information that you have not been able to find or find out. We will then set-up a timeline of events, for future accomplishments and sessions.

A successful business design and implementation does not happen overnight. If you want to give your business every opportunity to be successful and sustaining, then you are going to want to put the time in.

So can be said about being successful in business, but one of the main things to know is that it takes Belief In Yourself, Courage, Commitment, and Determination. When you are ready to believe in yourself - notice I said ready - click below and set an appointment. All you will need is to be ready to do your work, and I will help, support, and/or nudge you as far as your abilities, and capabilities will go.

Service Areas of Expertise

  • Self-Awareness of the Owner(s) (Who am I? or Who are We?)
  • What do I/we see? (Vision)
  • How will I/we accomplish it? (Mission)
  • Who will I/we hire? (Does knowing this affect my organizational structure?)
  • Organizational Structure (Optimal Design for an Industry and the workforce)
  • Cultural Competence (Maximizing HR)
  • Can I - Should I - How do I adjust our organizational structure to maximize ROI?

I offer HIPAA compliant online video coaching, for individuals!

Click here to schedule your initial 2-3 hour HIPAA Compliant Comprehensive Assessment Session. 

  • Initial Assessment Session Rate is $3,800, which includes all necessary testing.  
  • Initial Assessment Session Rate for each additional Partner is $900, which includes all necessary testing. 
  • Initial Assessment Session Rate in One-Hour Sessions is $740 per hour. Testing not included.
  • Initial Assessment Session Rate in One-Hour Sessions is $380 per hour, for additonal person. Testing not included.
  • Follow Up Session Rates are 1/2 hour $380, and 1 hour $740.

HIPAA Compliant in-person business/corporate Comprehensive Assessments

  • Rates are dependent on the number of employees, and the scope of the assessment. Call or email for a quote.
I have had sessions with John off-and-on for the past seven years. Each time I am rejuvenated, I go further, and I am so glad that I found him! Jennette A. of Houston, TX
We almost gave up on love after 15 years of marriage, then we decided to give John a try. He helped us understand ourselves and one another better, gave us some ideas, and now I am proud to say that we have a solid, active love-affair again. Tammy and Bill S. of Nashville, TN
My children and I eat to live now. I had tried so many diets, and all of them claimed to have the answer but what I learned from Mr. Pham changed our lives. No more vegetable oils, floured breads, and cat fish. So glad that I found him. - Lauryn P., in Webster, TX
I feel so much better. I had a bleeding ulcer. After a long conversation with John, I had a better way to address it naturally and now I don't feel that pain in my gut. I can eat again. - J. Gonzales, Houston, TX
Learning to love myself was a journey, to say the least. I knew that I could be a challenge to deal with sometimes, but John didn’t make me feel that way. He was patient, respectful of where I was and his sharing of his past lessons put me at ease. He continues to be a great coach for me. Greg P. of Phoenix, AZ
John is a must for anyone who is dealing with a challenging child! He helped me understand my own child better. John’s interventions helped me and my teenage son work out a compromise that we both can live with and now things are so much better. Richard B. of Waco, TX